Whats in your Day sack?

This topic always gives rise to a lot of conversation, debate and even arguments. What each individual carries in their day sack depends on a number of factors. But I have listed here what I carry. The essentials, go with me whenever my daysack is on my back. Then I have listed kit which I add depending on the situation and prior information. The essentials list has come out of over a decade of leading expeditions. It doesn’t matters if you are on the South Downs in England or the Himalayas the kit could be needed!

Waterproof jacket
Waterproof trousers
Second Fleece or warm top
Spare socks
Perry Whistle
Food for 8 hours
Head torch
Spare batteries
First aid kit
Collapsible Stick
Warm hat
Bin bags
Water – min 2 litres
Knife or multi tool (I take my parang to the jungle as well)
Sun glasses
Plastic survival bag
Emergency shelter/bothy bag/KISU
Sling & 2x Karabiner
Pen/pencil & notebook
Duck tape

Para Cord

Sat Phone – when oversea’s of course!

The kit on the essentials list has got me out of situations in many environments around the world!102_0889

Kit added if on a Search and Rescue job.

Powerfull torch
Radio (VHF Team radio)

Recommended where ever you are! 
Gaiters (if I’m not wearing them!)

Optional Equipment
Map case
Snow goggles (they keep the wind out as well!)
25 meter 8mm Rope
Throw line
Solar charger


 Incident log sheets
 Basic medical assessment sheet
 Oxford Expedition and Wilderness Medicine handbook.
 Expedition Manual or Search Manual
 ID badge

Use this list as you see fit maybe as a check list or to pass to someone who has little experience and is heading out on the hills. Leave your comments below I would be interested to hear your thoughts on what you carry.

 Remember being over prepared isn’t a problem, being under prepared can kill! 

  3 comments for “Whats in your Day sack?

  1. Andrew Callaghan
    04/11/2014 at 3:13 pm

    Glad to see there is someone else out there with the same mindset, very similar to my own kit list. I am also a Search Tech and don’t understand why people don’t carry what I consider as important kit!

    • Dave Coyle
      07/11/2014 at 11:17 am

      Hi Andrew,
      It worry’s me some times when I see team members going out under equipped! There is no telling some of them! I am going to be doing a training session for my SAR team. I will be including everthing from footware – footcare to whats in your daysack! Calling it “Looking after yourself so you look after mispers!”

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