Is it really that hard?

15 years ago I had this crazy idea to go climb a mountain in Scotland. I loved it. Now I’m a fully qualified expedition leader taking groups all over the World.

Now you’re thinking about or are starting out on your journey to discover the fantastic feeling of achievement you get from trekking a route, summiting a peak or interacting with a culture in the middle of nowhere.

I get a lot of people ask me things like; is it hard? You must have to do loads of training? You must be so fit! In truth, I think with a little preparation nearly everyone is capable of doing some of the adventures which are out there. So is it really that hard? “No”

How do you go about getting yourself ready to conquer the world? Well first of all start small. Start with a Sunday walk around the park, get a dog!  That will make you walk more! The first thing is to get used to walking sounds silly but walking on the mountains is very different to strolling to the local shop. On the mountains you walk slowly at a constant pace up or down hill. You need to be looking around and enjoying yourself. No looking at the ground wishing you got used to it before hand!

Get your feet used to it. A long days walking is tough on the feet if you haven’t done it for a while. Your feet can take it but you need to make them aware of what’s going on! So getting out for longer walks as you get closer to your trip is a must. Looking after your feet is very important look out for my “footcare Footware” blog coming soon.

So how fit do you need to be in real terms? You’ll see lots of things banded about on websites about bleep tests and gyms. Let’s be honest you haven’t got time for this! The best guide I can give you is you should be able to walk 15 km in 3 hours on the flat with a light day sack on. This works out at 5 kmph walking speed which is faster than you will walk on the mountain trails but gives you a good target to work towards. Sunday afternoons is a great time to get out and try yourself and your feet out. If you can achieve this your well on your way to be the right fitness level to have a great trip with your head up looking around.

You can’t just be out every Sunday and that’s it. Sadly it doesn’t work like that you need to do at least 2 other bits of training during the week only for an hour or so, maybe go for a swim at your local pool.  Getting fit enough is a process it takes time. You need to be getting yourself ready about 3 months before you go! Longer if you can, start now!

Above all remember why you’re doing it and what you’re going to achieve. You should enjoy your training. It’s good for you and will let you enjoy your adventure more!