8 ways to stay happy on expedition

If you’re on expedition then you need to enjoy it. It could be a week, a month or longer. Being happy is the key to enjoyment. Here are some pointers to make your life easier!

  1. Keep clean – Sounds simple but make sure your sweaty parts; namely your Feet, pits and groin are clean and dried properly at least once a day.


  1. A little piece of home – Have something with you that makes you smile when you look at it. A teddy bear might work, your favourite hoody maybe, one girl I knew took her favourite mascara.


  1. Drink plenty – Keep the water flowing through you. It does so much for you; it flushes out that stomach bug, it keeps you cool, it makes your skin look good, gets rid of headaches. The secret to drinking water is…. “Little and often”


  1. Seefood Diet – yeap SEE Food, Not seafood. “See food and eat it!”  I have a saying a team member should always be fat and happy. People aren’t happy when they are hungry, they don’t enjoy it and you get nothing out of them. Eat food!


  1. Slow and steady wins the race! – No rush we are a team, we will get there together. No need to rush your trek or whatever it may be your there to enjoy it.


  1. Kit – have the right kit, your supplier will have given you a kit list, read it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about a bit of kit you think might be a good idea to take. You never know you might have hit on an excellent idea.


  1. Be organised in your….. tent, hostel, hotel, yurt, igloo, barn, hammock, basha where ever you are. For some reason a lot of kit bags have a habit of throwing up and covering whatever space you have, in all you gear. Your gear then takes itself on expedition and gets itself lost. Don’t let it wander off!


  1. Always have a set of clean dry folded clothes… remember this one you’ll thank me one day!


Follow these simple suggestions and it will make your trip of a life time much more enjoyable.

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