10 Learning Objectives that can be achieved on a Schools Expedition

An expedition in my mind is the 4th dimension to any young persons education. It takes them out of there comfort zone, In this new zone they learn about themselves, others, and their new environment. It makes them a more understanding person which will benefit them through out there life what ever path they take. It also shows in the students back in the school environment and benefits the school.

Here are the main learning objectives that a student can achieve, build on or realize  while on a school expedition. Whether its a 7 day trip to Morocco or a 28 day trip to the Jungle.


1. Increase the self-sufficiency of the pupils and their ability to cook, clean and look after themselves.

2. Increase the pupils’ understanding of the practicalities of overseas travel

3. Increase the pupils’ tolerance of the weaknesses of their peers and an appreciation of the strengths of their peers.

4. Develop the skills and techniques required to be safe in a new environment

5. Increase the ability of the pupil’s to interact with people from another culture.

6. Enhance the pupil’s understanding of the different types of religions that are found around the world.

7. Develop fore thought and planning.

8. Develop their reviewing techniques so they can improve on any activity or work product

9. Learn about their personal strengths and skills.

10. Learn the true means of tolerance, patience, understanding, and most of all TEAM WORK


A School expedition has been the making of many students and I’m proud to say I have been just a small part of that.

Lets build this list, do you have experience of a learning objective on expedition, let me know in the comments below.

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